Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Prompt: The SIX word memoir

I heard about this idea on NPR today, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to hear the whole story. Still I liked the idea, and I liked that it was a short writing project.

So, today's task (should you choose to accept it) is to write your own 6 word memoir.

I have two, depending on the day. (This might be exposing to much of my psyche, but here goes.)

For lonely days:
Unfortunately, I never quite fit in.

For the rest of the days:
Thankfully, I never quite fit in.

I suppose I could just combine the two:
Somehow, I never quite fit in.

How about you? You fit in here no matter what you write.


  1. You will always fit with me.

    Here's the rest of that NPR piece, Heidi:

    I'll be back . . . .

  2. My memoir?
    Oh well, at least I tried.

    Heidi this blog is seriously cool! I'm going to be posting on here so much you'll be completely sick of me. I think I really need someplace like this. Many of us have this repressed creativity that craves an opportunity to express itself. By the way...I submitted that novel to covenant.

  3. When life gives lemons, make cherry-lime-rickeys.*

    *Because I don't like lemonade and I'm not going to let trials in my life keep me from the things I want.

  4. Puerile prowling peripatetic praxis for patience.

  5. Geo, Todd and I were trying to decide if yours was a memoir or an announcement. Can we hope?
    Welcome Joanie and Becca. I am glad you found your way over. There is no such thing as too much of you Joanie. I only wish we were still neighbors. Way to go on your novel! I loved it by the way.
    Lois, I love cherry-lime-rickeys, too. You go girl!
    Becca, I had to pull out the dictionary! That made my day! (and I loved the one you posted on Georgia's page! Who said flattery will get you nowhere?) :)

  6. Maybe I should change mine to:

    "Do not understand what Becca wrote."

    Oh well.

  7. Heidi, I'm married to Martin! (a walking dictionary Lois)

  8. My soul, ocean, sun, rain and love.

  9. Yvonne, that's lovely.
    Becca --your last one is only 5. :) But "I'm married to Martin, the walking dictionary" would work. :)
    Speaking of which, where is he on this prompt? And what about your kiddos?

  10. book 1: "cleanliness is my passion and motto
    book 2: "take a look at my room"

  11. book 1:"sing 'little dance 'little laugh ALOT."

  12. Josie: "played sick, stayed home from school."

  13. Roo:
    book 1: "Mommy I just wet my panties!"
    book 2: "Wait, I'm not wearing any panties"

    Heidi here: "I apologize. We digress. Expect repeats."

  14. My 6 words would be:
    Love my wife, family, kids, God.

    But since perhaps many people feel that way, that may not be a unique memoir. So how about this...

    My 6 word memoir:

    Wish I could have told myself. - Todd

  15. Announcement? No, just my intended outcome.

  16. "Got distracted. Got distracted. Got distracted."

  17. Nature loving, world weary gentle soul.

  18. Welcome Audiopest and Scott. I love your memoirs. I hope you will join us for the next prompt.

  19. When's the next prompt? And are you going to do a makeup prompt for last week? We are champing at the bit. xo

  20. Sorry for the delay! Spring break and snow days have whipped us out! But we will be back with another prompt this week. And check out our Young Writer's Guild show case!
    Thanks for staying with us!

  21. Um... Wiped us out was what I meant to say. Whipped us up. :)

  22. Better than "wiped our bums."