Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Prompt: Write about the meeting of an imagianry creature and an ordinary citizen

Well folks, I meant to start this blog out right, by posting the Young Writer's Guild writing with the first prompt. But guess what? None of them came yesterday! We are on our own today...

Here is my piece.
(shuffling, growing red, starting to sweat...)

I had heard stories about the Mill Pond Shark. Everyone had. And stories about the boogie man too. My brother was the one who had made them seem most real with his descriptions of teeth and scales and dead staring eyes. But I had stopped believing in them even before I stopped being afraid of the dark. Less plausible than the Loch Ness monster or Bigfoot. So that sunny afternoon when I first saw it with my own eyes I assumed I had fallen asleep on the park bench.
It was warm and bright and I was tired. I had just run up and down the hills behind the pond practicing for a track meet. I sat on the bench and stretched out my legs enjoying the spring sunshine and the afternoon warmth. The park at the pond was quiet. ...

Now it is your turn!


  1. Dale sighed as he sat down at his desk. He knew that it was going to be another hectic day at H&R Block. Oh, how he dreaded the weeks leading up to April 15th -- tax day. He slowly cleaned the ball in his mouse as he prepared himself for the doors to open and his day to begin. As he carefully replaced the now gleaming ball, he heard a distinct throat clearing sound. "Oh, here we go," Dale mumbled to himself.

    He looked up and there was the thinnest man he had ever seen. But not really. He was thin in some places, but then thick in others. His head and feet (or at least where his feet SHOULD have been) were skinny and shiny and metallic, but his middle was various shapes of orbs and squares; some red, some green, some brown. But most of all, he smelled...delicious.

    "Hi. I'm Bob. Bob Shiska," the tall man said.

    "Please, have a seat," answered Dale.

    Bob tried to position himself on the chair, going this way and that, until he finally just leapt up, and fell into the chair with a distinct "Ping!"

    "Oh, sorry about the chair," Bob said sheepishly.

    That's when Dale looked up and noticed that Bob's sharp "feet" had pierced through his chair, all the way through the floor. "Wonderful," thought Dale, "now I'll never get him out of here."

    "So Mr. Shiska," Dale tried to say brightly, "What can I do for you today?"

    Bob shuffled through the papers in his "hands" and...

  2. I forgot to leave my link for my exercise. Here ya go:

    This is fun!

  3. LOL! Lois and Georgia! I love them! Only I want more! More! MORE!!!