Sunday, February 28, 2010

Show Case: The Demon In Me by Brianna W.

Brianna is a member of the Young Writers Guild. She is in grade 7. She loves to write, and writes prolifically. Brianna submitted this piece to the local news paper's "Scary Story" contest and took first place! This contest was open to all students in middle school AND high school! Well done Brianna!

The Demon In Me
by Brianna W.

Fear. A twisted, devouring shadow. It lurks in the corners, cunningly waiting for the right moment. Waiting for the young child to hear a voice in the closet, or for curious children standing in front of a mirror in a dark bathroom. It waits, silently, deadly, and impatient. And yet, fear is inevitable. For everyone fears something. Fear is a quiet flame in every being's soul. It is the candle, whose flame goes out in a ghostly wind.
Fear is an everlasting fire, forever burning, forever destroying. It is the quiet, yet powerful voice on the wind, whispering your darkest fears that suddenly seem to be reality. It is the tree branch, tap tap tapping on your window. A foreboding sound of something yet to come.
But what does come? A sudden phase of screaming? Running? Hiding? Al that happens is that, once again, fear has gotten the best of you. Fear is an illusion, consuming the mind in the darkest things, a mental blackout. Fear is a demon. Cunningly luring you to trust him. He lets you follow him into the darkness, and inescapable midnight.
Fear is inside you. In your heart, in your soul. It is the scream that escapes your lips, the tremor running through your body. Fear is that unknown feeling in your gut, that devouring feeling of dread. Fear is a betrayer, a liar. Twisting reality into every being
's worst nightmare. For that is what fear is, a nightmare. A nightmare of the most horrifying kind.


  1. A 7th grader wrote that? Wow.

    For my children, fear is cleaning their rooms, doing their homework, going to bed on time or flushing the toilet.

  2. I am also afraid of going to bed on time. No problem flushing the toilet though, at least not since I converted to FlyLady. ; )

    Congratulations, Brianna! Sounds like you know a little something about your subject—how fear feels, and what it really is (and isn't). I think it's profound and true to name fear "a betrayer, a liar." Nice job!