Sunday, March 21, 2010

Show Case: Free Verse by Hannah M.

Hannah is a member of the Young Writer's Guild. In fact, she was at the very first meeting and has been one of the reasons we started this blog. Hannah is excited to share two of her poems here with us. Hannah is in grade 6.

What If
By Hannah M.

I was sitting there
In Grandma's chair
Rocking back and forth
When a vivid thought popped into my head:
What if ants took over the world?
What would happen then?
Would they make me their private slave?
Or worse, clean their dirty underwear?
What if they partnered up with monekeys?
Would they hold me captive?
Or bonk me on the head?
What if a UFO hit me
While it spiraled down earth?
What if a UFO bit me?
Would I die, or even worse?
What if on my way to school,
I tripped on a lady bug?
Would I cry?
Would I die?
I hope it doesn't happen.
What if while I was sleeping,
My hair crawled off my head?
Would it come back?
Or will I go BALD?!
What if I loose my favorite penny!
What if I get an F?
I hope my mother would forgive me!!

I am glad this is WHAT IF!

By Hannah M.

Oh soft little fluff ball,
I love you so much.
But how you cry and you whine.
With your ears straight up,
And your tail straight back
Your sad blue eyes in a daze.
You lap up your milk
And go on your way
To find a sunny window.
Hopping right up you claim your spot
Like a lion on the top of a mountain.
Then turning around and laying down
You gently fall to sleep.
A few hours pass and then you wake up,
Charged like a brand new battery.
You pounce and you play,
Chasing a mouse,
Pawing at a feather.
Oh, cute little kitten
I want you to stay,
Stay with me forever.

Well done Hannah! Thank you for sharing.

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